Learning at Friday

The tools and technology we use, how we use them and what we use them for are changing and evolving all the time. This means there is always more to learn.

Organisational learning

In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive edge is your organisation's ability to learn faster than its competitors. Peter M. Senge, The Fifth Discipline

At Friday we share our learning through whole company "crits" where a project team presents their experience and insights followed by questions and answers.


Engineering team Learning

As a team we share our learning with each other through The Tao—which you're reading—and through regular lunch time "Brown Bag" sessions which recently have covered TDD, Puppet and Docker.

We also have an extensive Confluence wiki and no repository is complete without its README.md file.

Project team learning


At the end of every iteration each project team runs a retrospective to look at what is going well, what needs improvement and identify areas where knowledge is lacking.


Peer review

Peer review is at the heart of our practice. No code goes into production without peer review. This is an opportunity to share your understanding of the code with others and also to learn from their insight and knowledge.

Individual learning

When agreeing your objectives with your line manager you should be thinking of what your learning objectives are and how you can achieve them. Do you need to take some training? Work with an unfamiliar technology? Attend a conference or perhaps speak at one?

Recent training courses attended by Friday engineers include Ruby Security and the Certified Scrum Master course.

In the last year members of the Friday engineering team have spoken at The British Computer Society and Agile Cambridge and attended the Brighton Ruby Conference.


Suggested reading

There are no shortage of books, both tech and otherwise, around the office and once you pass probation you'll have the use of a company Kindle. We also have a healthy supply of old fashioned paper books: