The plumbing!

Friday's approach to infrastructure

As you might imagine we have a huge demand on infrastructure and we have a number of processes and tools that make this job a lot easier for all concerned.


There are a number of tools available to automate the management of infrastructure systems, we use Puppet. Puppet describes machines in an easy to understand way and then repeatably and reliably build those machines.

We have developed a standard process that gives us huge flexibility over different environments without sacrificing time.


  • What is CI?
  • How we use CI


Logging isn't a free operation. It takes time and consideration to design good logging into a product, and to provide the infrastructure to support it. Therefore, we log with good reason. Logging helps us to…

  • Automatically alert teams to errors and warnings
  • Form an audit trail and history of user actions
  • Provide an insight into user behavior and traffic
  • Discover new bugs
  • Determine performance under load
  • Track down configuration problems

In this chapter:


Write once reuse many times over.


Logging tells you what's going on inside a complex system. Good logging tells you what shouldn't be going on inside a complex system. With plenty of time to fix it.