First things first


Congratulations, you're at Friday!

The Tao of Engineering is here to get you up and running as part of the Friday team. It is written by and for Engineering and shared with the public at large. As a Friday engineer you are encouraged to contribute to it's evolution as a living document.

Your kit

Got a shiny new MacBook and want to get cracking? You're in luck! We've written you a handy guide to help you get up and running. If you are working on Windows you'll have a shiny new PC.

Working together

We work in project teams together with members of the design, strategy and UX teams. We work iteratively and collaboratively to create value for our clients. Everyone in engineering is encouraged to be part of evolving and improving the way we work.

Tracking the work

We use JIRA to track the flow of work through the team.


This gives everyone on the project a shared view of the state of the work, where the bottlenecks are, and what we need to do to keep things moving.

Continuous Integration

Projects are built and have their tests run by our Jenkins CI server. Keeping the builds green is part of how we ensure quality is built into our work from the get go.


Version control

All projects live in Stash as Git repositories. After you clone a new project be sure to check the README file for instructions on how to get running locally and how to run the test suite.

Peer review

We peer review all our code. The mechanism for doing this is pull requests. The review will typically cover implementation details, stylistic choices, and potential pitfalls. They help us ensure that everyone is writing concise, consistent, Friday code.


You should know just about enough to get started now. Make sure you install Skype and get someone to add you to the various chat room groups. These are an excellent source of discussion, in-jokes and lunch invites.

Be sure to explore the rest of this very Tao.

May the spirit of the Sloth guide you well.