An introduction from our CTO, Chris Walker.

Welcome to Friday Engineering.

Somewhere around 2004, I sat in a large room near Frankfurt and listened to various people describe the “future of digital”. Again. There were nibbles. There was awful coffee. There was a very expensive brutalist internal aesthetic.

Much was exactly as you’d expect — but there was one throwaway line that stuck fast.

If it doesn’t get made, it doesn’t matter Colleen DeCourcy

This resonated because I’m not far off having spent twenty years in pure play digital doing nothing but making stuff — and it’s a belief we signed up to on day one of Friday.

Roll on nearly seven years since we first opened our doors, and the capability to turn strategically led creative ideas into robust digital products and services continues to be a key part of our overall offering to both our clients and their customers.

Engineering is one of our core in-house capabilities, firmly integrated with strategy, design and UX. Our engineers sit alongside planners, designers, experience architects and product managers — bringing our client’s digital products and services to life.

This Tao represents the distilled thinking, learnings and yes, ideology, of our engineering team. It will continually evolve as we adopt new technology stacks and ways of working.

I hope you find the Tao as useful as we do — it’s a mix of technical ideology and pragmatism, written by those who combine those two things on a daily basis.

If on reading it you want to get in touch, please do. You can email me directly.


Chris Walker
CTO, Friday

In this chapter:

Setting up your Mac

How to properly configure your OS X development environment.